Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Restaurant Schedule Software

Employee scheduling is a big challenge for restaurant managers and owners with inconsistent working hours and labor demand. As it turns out, managers spend many hours each week just to assign the right shifts to the right employees. Yet, the process is ridden with complexities which makes it difficult to create an effective schedule. As a result, your employees end up suffering and maybe even compelled to leave your organization.

That means you need effective scheduling to run your restaurant successfully. Many restaurants, for this reason, has moved to using a restaurant schedule software to streamline the process of scheduling and increase efficiency.

Today, we will tell how exactly a restaurant schedule software helps your restaurant not just to create effective schedules, but to make the most of available resources and time.

What is a Restaurant Schedule Software

A restaurant schedule software is a scheduling and employee management solution. It allows you to effectively administer working hours and automate the process of developing employee schedules. You can also manage labor costs and other aspects related to working shifts and schedules.

A restaurant schedule solution can increase productivity, produce satisfied workers and provide consistent results. It packs various features like automated shift bidding and shift swapping to help you save time, cost and effort.

In the next section, we will go over the important features of a restaurant schedule software and show you how they can leverage your operations and make scheduling far more effective.

Important Features of Restaurant Schedule Software

Restaurant schedule software comes with a range of features to help you create effective schedules. They also let you optimize and streamline the process and manage all your scheduling requirements. Let’s go over some of the features and see how they help your restaurant.

Schedule Overview

You can use the feature to get a complete picture of your employee’s schedules. The software lets you view monthly, weekly, or biweekly schedules and allows you to form a perspective on scheduling nuances like coverage gaps. You can also use various filters to sort your schedules by shifts, duties, location, working hours and so on.

You can also find out which employees are assigned to particular shifts or time. This feature helps to plan and refine your schedules for the long run too.

Auto-Assign Shift

One of the most useful features of any restaurant schedule software is the auto-assign shift option. You can automate the whole process of assigning employees based on rules you set. The software will do the job of picking the right candidate for the appropriate role in a seamless way.

This feature saves crucial time and effort of the management and speeds up the process of scheduling. Always look for auto-assign shift functionality no matter which scheduling solution you choose.

Automated Shift Bidding

Shift bidding is common in the restaurant industry and lets employees choose shifts as per their convenience. Restaurant scheduling software with automated shift bidding gets rid of the paper process and makes the whole thing online or app-based.

Your employees can use their mobile to place bids without even having to come to the restaurant. The software then picks the right employee using a rule-based engine in a fair and equitable way. You don’t need to assess each bid manually to determine who is right for the job.

Shift Swapping

Shift swapping enables your employees to choose replacements for a shift without the need for intervention of the administration. The feature also eliminates risks of double booking and unplanned overtime costs by factoring in your establishment’s overtime rules.

Employees can also swap shifts conveniently using a single interface of the restaurant schedule software.

Scheduling Template

You will get a user-friendly template to use as the foundation for future employee schedules. You can refine and customize the template based on your requirements or use a saved template from previous schedules.

This feature reduces the time taken to create a new schedule or change the format of existing schedules.

Work Management

Work management gives you a clear picture of your project or work. You can manage budgets, portfolio, billed and unbilled work, workloads, meetings and more using work management feature. This goes a long way to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employee management.

Real-Time Communication

Cloud-based restaurant scheduling software uses mobile technology to provide real-time communication features. You can always get in touch with your employees through emails, text messages, chat, or even video calling. The feature also lets you communicate with your employees instantly to notify about any shift changes, updates, or announcements.

Employee Profile

You can create and save complete employee profiles in your database for quick access. The profiles contain all important information and employee data like certifications, licenses, employment history, expiration dates, educational and contact details and so on.

You can use the profiles to manage employees, assign duties and ensure compliance with labor laws.

Resource Forecasting

You can accurately forecast your resource needs based on advanced algorithms of restaurant scheduling software. The forecasts also factor in historical patterns for reliable and practical results.

Reports and Analytics

You can generate a range of reports to form an understanding of your business. The software lets you generate various reports on schedules, shifts, labor cost, finances, time clock and more. You can also create customized reports based on your requirements.

The reports provide you a clear picture of your employee’s schedules and work. The analytics allow you to form meaningful insights that let you make informed decisions for business success.

You will be able to customize the features of a restaurant schedule software to match the unique needs of your restaurant. Whether you are a small or big restaurant, a tailored scheduling software goes a long way to reduce the workload of managers and the administration.

Now, let us quickly go over the advantages of restaurant scheduling software so that you can decide if it’s right for you!

The Benefits of Restaurant Schedule Software

Ensure employee availability

When your schedules are stable and consistent, you can adapt to changes in employee availability easily. The solution lets you avoid shift conflicts or shifts with no assigned employees.

For example, an employee can use the shift swap feature to bring a replacement for his assigned schedule. You can get the update in real-time and choose to automate or grant permission manually.

Seamless employee communication

Managers need to stay in touch with employees to make sure they turn up for their shifts. Restaurant scheduling software can send group and individual notifications in real-time when a new schedule is posted, or changes are made to shifts. You can also contact other employees quickly in case anyone misses their shift.

Cutting down the number of no-shows

A no-show can happen for many reasons, especially if your staff has to work more than one shift on a single day. Other reasons can include employees falling sick or last-minute obligations which your staff needs to attend.

At such times, a restaurant schedule software comes to your rescue by providing a small pool of employees available for work. They may be part-time employees or people looking for extra income, ready to take on shifts at the last minute. You can also use this process to assign staff based on changes in demand.

Assess your resources

Restaurant scheduling solutions provide you crucial data to evaluate your organization’s resources. The data can include attendance details, performance ratings and other details that let you develop a clear picture of available resources. Based on the data, you can find the right candidates with the required skills and experience to fit mission-critical roles at the right time.

You can also measure and monitor your resource pool to create and adjust schedules proactively.

Save on labor costs

You can successfully bring down your labor costs by optimizing employee schedules and assigning the right person to the right job. Using historical information and patterns, you can determine the labor need of each shift. You can also forecast the demand and assign employees effectively to avoid overtime costs or extra premiums.

Accuracy and consistency

Using a centralized solution to assign shifts makes room for improved accuracy and consistency. There are also no concerns about forgetting time-off or vacation requests or misplacing any information.

A consistent scheduling process also increases the morale of your employees and brings peace of mind to managers and owners. You can always be sure that all your shifts will be covered with the required number of employees having the required skills and experience. As a result, your customer service also improves as your employees are happy with their work.

Ensure compliance

You need to ensure that your documentation, store credentials and expiration dates are not overlooked. That’s why it’s essential to keep track of your credentials and make sure they comply with applicable regulations.

A restaurant schedule software monitors such credentials and notifies employees nearing expiration dates. The solution will also stop awarding shifts to employees automatically who don’t meet the credentials.

A Restaurant Schedule Software Solves Scheduling Concerns

A restaurant schedule software can go a long way to ensure employee availability and meet the challenges of scheduling. But that’s not where the usefulness of the solution ends- your sales and productivity also go up when employees have a stable schedule. So a scheduling software can affect your bottom line positively and make your profits grow up! That gives you more reasons to go for restaurant schedule solution and beat your competitors at their game.

Wrapping Up: Choose Your Restaurant Schedule Software Wisely

When a restaurant schedule software is so crucial for the success of your organization, it makes sense to choose it with consideration. Look for the features we discussed above so that you can get the best results from your solution. Also, check for the ease-of-use as you don’t want to spend hours learning how to use the software.

You can get in touch with our team if you need help choosing your restaurant scheduling software. We are ready to help you out!