This article gives a short intro to using Job Roles in the best way.
If you have tried out BusyBeeManager then you have probably encountered this concept and may be wondering how to get the best of it.

Roles are a bit like job titles. If you are in the hospitality industry / restaurant business then roles could be something like waiter, headwaiter, bartender, maitre’d, chef, dish washer etc..

Roles represent a set of competencies

Roles represent a set of competencies that are needed to fill in a shift. For instance a waiter needs to be able to do different things at work. Take orders, pour wine, remember the menu, present the dishes, carry and serve multiple dishes at once etc. A headwaiter on the other hand will probably also have these same competencies but along with a lot of other competencies since they have a bigger responsibility at work. They need to coach the waiters and take care of the seating to name a few tasks.

Though we don’t work with competencies within BusyBeeManager it can be a good idea to keep this in mind when creating your Job Roles. You create the roles under the settings tab – Note: you’ll need the basic or the plus plan to create more than two roles.

Shifts have roles too

When you add shifts to your schedule you choose which roles the shifts are related to. Since a shift can only be related to one role – this will narrow down the possible employees who can take this shift. In other words – any employee having this role can take this shift – unless of course they are unavailable by other means.

Employee Scheduling Software - Choosing a role for the shift

Employees can belong to multiple roles at the same time

Sometimes it can be a bit hard making the schedule all fit together. Under these circumstances a headwaiter actually could fill in a waiter’s shift. So in a way – an employee working as a headwaiter could have both roles. Luckily – this is possible in BusyBeeManager. On the employee profile page you simply check each role the employee can take:

Assigning job roles in employee scheduling software

Don’t use numbers in your job roles!

Though there is no restriction to using numbers as part of the names in your job roles it is still an indication that you are stuck in the old “excel” or “pen and paper” mindset. As a rule of thumb – the same competencies = the same job role.

This is the wrong way to use job roles!

In BusyBeeManager you can have multiple employees of the same role working simultaneously. So you don’t need multiple numbered roles with the same name and set of competencies.

Employee Scheduling Software - Two waiter shifts at the same time

I hope this helps you in your scheduling with BusyBeeManager Employee
Scheduling Software
! Happy scheduling out there!

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