has a nice article on a survey done by Citibank Survey.

It says that small businesses are not very good at using online tools to grow their business. In the article Raj Seshadri, Citibank’s head of small business banking, says:

“Our survey reveals a huge opportunity for many businesses to begin using some of the basic online tools”.

The focus of the article is on marketing, but we bet the situation is the same when it comes to doing your employee scheduling in a more efficient way.

The Copenhagen-based tea-salon Tante T used to do build their staff roster manually in Excel. By using for their employee scheduling, they now save 200$ per month on salary for someone to do the scheduling.

Besides saving the salary, the same employee can now instead focus on their core business, which is serving their customers, or as Mette-Marie from
Tante T says:

“BusyBeeManager is no doubt a great help. It’s not like employee
is a really big thing for us – we are busy doing the real business – baking cakes, making tea, serving customers – hence employee scheduling shouldn’t take up much time – thanks to BusyBeeManager – it doesn’t”

Are you missing out on the opportunity to do your employee scheduling online ?

Read more about doing employee
scheduling online with

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