Summer is coming (at least on the northern hemisphere) – are you ready to handle that in your employee scheduling?

The weather is one of the main factors affecting the staffing needs for a small business. When the summer is coming and the sun is shining – people tend to go outside and that opens up for a lot of business.

An extra employee shift schedule for the season

Staffing needs are indeed different in the summertime – many have two times more tables to serve when people are suddenly able to sit outside. You need to able to handle that in your employee shift scheduling or you might end up being under staffed (see this article about what that can do to your business). It’s like having a whole new department you suddenly need to staff.

So are you ready for that? Because summer is just around the corner?

5 Things to keep an eye on for your employee schedule

1. How many hours of coverage do I already have on each employee role? How does the staff roster look for waiters, dish washers etc…

2. How many people will I need when we open up for serving people outside? (Or just get more busy due to more people on the street). Match this with no 1. and you have an idea of whether you need to hire further employees.

3. How will the new employee schedule look after I do this? You might be able to find the employee schedule from last years summer – if not – then maybe you should consider using an online system for handling your staff scheduling.

4. Adjust the staff schedule to weather conditions. In the beginning of the week – check out the weather report to get an indication of whether you’ll get busy or not. If sun is shining Thursday then maybe you ought to put in a little extra help to help take care of customers.

5. What else is going on in the city? Summer means parades, cruise ships coming in, tourist, football matches, more events than usual. Make sure you know what’s going in the city and that you are prepared to handle all that extra traffic while still being able to serve customers in a satifsying way.

All this can of course be helped by using an online employee shift scheduling tool – you might want to try that out. The only real important thing is that you feel confident that you have the correct amount of staff to take care of your customers!

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