Shift schedule template

A good manager knows that to keep costs down you need a reliable and proven approach to making shift schedules. One proven way to achieve this goal is through a reliable shift schedule template, which gives you the flexibility and freedom to make changes when and if you need to through the week or month. Nothing can be easier, and nothing can save you more time than having this kind of tool to use when making an employee schedule.

What makes up a good shift schedule template?

A good shift schedule template represents your needs for staffing. It should contain details of the shifts that your employees need to fill in, in order for you to run your business without being over nor under staffed. Each shift should contain a start time and an end time – further more it should be marked with a role or job description such as ‘Manager’ or ‘Waiter’ or similarly. To sum up:

You will want to work with multiple shift schedule templates that should each be a representation of a scenario and be named according to this. Good names could be ‘Normal week’, ‘Busy week’, ‘Summer’, ‘Easter’ or similar. Each template contain a different set of shifts that need to be assigned to your employees.