A shift rota is something most managers in charge of employee scheduling need to prepare at some point. It can be either be easy or hard, simple or complicated – but it should be easy for the manager and it should give the employees a chance of knowing when they’ll be working at some point in the future.

A shift rota is short for a ‘rotating shift schedule’. That means that the schedule is the same every umpteenth (n-th) week (or day for that matter). For instance you might have 4 different weekly shift templates where your employees work different hours to get a little variation and maybe not always work friday night… The shift scheduling is then based on these four templates meaning that every 4th week is the same schedule.

Shift rota
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Why use a shift rota?

Employees like to be at home with their families just once in a while – so they tend to dislike always working in the evening – especially in the weekends. So to make the employee schedule fair for everybody the manager puts together a staff schedule that balances it out between the employees in the roster. In order to not always start from scratch – the same four (or any other number for that matter) weekly shift schedules are then reused again and again.

Who uses shift rotas in their employee scheduling?

It is common to use shift rotas in businesses that need staffing more or less around the clock. Businesses such as newspapers, health clinics and hospitals tend to use rotating shift schedules. But also restaurant, bars and pubs use it sometimes. After the schedule is made and published it often involves a lot of shift trading since people’s personal plans are rarely taken into account when making the schedule. That is either handled directly between the employees or mediated by some sort of shift scheduling software such as BusyBeeManager.

BusyBeeManager has an easy and simple way to accomplish rotating shifts schedules by using the template feature. All you need is a template for each week in the rota and then appply the templates and let the software do the rest. No more hand writing schedules, and no more playing around with Excel spreadsheets.

Shift rotations should be easy but can be tricky in a number of ways, including complicated employee availabilities, unusual shift times, different staffing need etc. Your shift rota and employee scheduling need to be able to take into consideration all of these aspects. With the software package provided by BusyBeeManager, you will have the tools to accomplish all of this and much more.

Busybeemanager works in your internet browser across all devices without the need to install an app
Busybeemanager works in your internet browser across all devices without the need to install an app

Fast, Easy and Free to try out

If you give yourself the right tools, creating a work schedule is probably one of the fastest and quickest tasks you will face during the work week. Having a good template from which to base your staff scheduling is what sets good managers apart. It is what improves your bottom line and makes you and your employees happier. It gives you flexibility in making changes, and helps speed up the process of implementing those changes and communicating them around.

All you need to do to create a work schedule and prepare a shift rota is input your employee information and empty staff schedule times, and let the software do the hard work for you. That means no more Excel forms and no more hand written schedules needing to be revised three times every other minute. With a good work week schedule, you can be ready for anything, and any change is easy to incorporate into your final plan. Your day just got a whole lot easier.

How It Works

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