So what do you use the staff meetings for in your business / restaurant / cafe / shop?

We talked to a few of the BusyBeeManager clients and it seems that there are different approaches to this – a few of them are:

  • Communications – keeping staff up to date
  • New menu / new products
  • Socializing – put a face on everyone
  • Shift scheduling

Communication is important – if you don’t communicate how you want things to be done, it can easily result in a lack of direction and can undermine the whole concept of your business! With a lack of focus, and no real priorities, you show a general lack of interest, and the staff will likely do the same. A staff will work only to the standards you set. To set these standards, there needs to be communication on a regular basis – that’s probably one of the best uses for the staff meeting.

Communications is also about new products, services and offerings. Especially if you are in the hospitality industry and serve people food and beverages – it is important that every employee has first hand knowledge about all the products – food or non food. There is also the small detail, that free food tend to make everybody show up on these meetings – making it easier for you as a manager to get your message through.

Having employees meet other employees is especially important if you hire often and it would otherwise take a long time before everyone would meet – either on duty or on the same shift. If your employees can have a chat and get to know each other in a social environment under your control – you can use this to inspire them with team spirit – ultimately this will end up in your customers having a better service because the people working at your place will seem (and be) happier, smile more, handle mistakes better and in general take better care of your guests.

So it seems that there is only shift scheduling left – we see that some of our customers at least used to do the shift scheduling at the staff meetings – why isn’t it so anymore?

One reason could be, that business owners can now build their employee schedules automatically using our employee schedule software. That way they don’t have to spend valuable time on the meetings discussing who can work when and how. This talk is simply not productive for the business. Administration that can be handled automatically MUST be handled automatically in order to run a successful business. Some even used to pay employees to come to the staff meetings (which I think they should) and then spent most of the time doing the employee scheduling puzzle…

So what’s the catch? Use the staff meetings for discussing things that are important to your business – How do we service customers? How are the new products like? Who else is on the employee roster? Don’t spend waste everybodys time doing boring administrative shift scheduling on the meetings when it can be handled online in a few minutes from home…

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