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You want your employees to do the best they can, when they are at work. Happy employees tend to give a better service for the customers and have in general a better performance than unhappy employees. So how do you prevent them from burning out and instead keep that spirit up that put the sales numbers up there?

According to this article there are numerours factors that contribute to their well being and thus numerous things you can do to keep them going:

  • Training – obviously – if they feel like they’re good at what they do – they probably are
  • Employee Rights, Employee Incentives, And Employee Time – value their opinions, involve them in decisions, devote time for just being together as a team
  • Performance and evaluation – reward good employees, motivate and help poor employees to do better

And (you guessed it?)

  • Employee Scheduling

Yes – as it turns out – proper employee scheduling can actually help your employees from burning out. If you take care to schedule the late sleepers in the evening shifts, the morning persons in the morning shifts – in general – involve them in the scheduling proces – make them propose requests as to when they will prefer to work and when they’d rather not. If it is no hassle to you – then why not strive to meet these requests?

Do you have any examples that prove this point? Please feel free to comment!

I believe that our employee scheduling software can help take the administrative pain out of meeting these requests – thus helping you as a business owner in having motivated employees and thus having a more successful business.

Take care of your employees!

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