Wow – according to this article – is seems that influence on the employee schedules actually improves the health of the employees.

It isn’t actually a Value Proposition for BusyBeeManager, but it’s worth taking into account when considering the employee scheduling options. Having the fascist approach – Boss decides all – isn’t really helping business (they get ill it seems – or worse – they quit). But on the other hand – giving employees the opportunity to object to much, having time off too often, posing unreasonable demands or wishes to the schedules doesn’t seem like too good an idea anyway. It’s fine to keep them happy but it can easily end up with unreasonable amounts of administration.

This is where we think that an online employee scheduling solution is helpful – using this you can decide exactly which requirements / requests for the schedule that the employees can pose. And you wont have to interpret emails in order to transform them into useful data.

So keep employees happy (and healthy it seems) and keep those administrative tasks to a minimum.

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