In the present market scenario, majority of small scale business owners are looking out for some effective ways to cut down costs and thereby increase their profit margins. But due to the modern workforce and high flexibility of the workers, this administrative task has rather become difficult. There are several workers who work on part-time basis for these small businesses as they have other jobs to attend to or they might be students earning a little money on the side. In order to reduce costs, it is necessary that one should have perfect knowledge how to have a flexibility of management of availability of workers, automatic scheduling process, shift trading etc. These are the main areas where one can considerably reduce the company’s overall expenses. There are several online vendors that are specifically meant to meet the growing web savvy modern workforce of the present generation.

To help the business manager or business owners to have the time to concentrate on their core business and come out with better ideas to flourish and prosper, excellent web based applications are here to take the responsibility for the employee scheduling. A small business manager who manages businesses like shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, convenience stores, kiosks and other small departments have to constantly spend a lot of their valuable time to organize the staff and plan who is to work at which times of the week. Thus, this valuable time could be utilized into creative ideas to expand the business or to make it more profitable by spending some time behind the counter instead of scheduling.

In any business, big or small, everything needs to be organized and planned so that it can be operated smoothly. So, I hope you’ll consider BusyBeeManager. We consider it one of the best employee scheduling tools available online, helps to ease the process of employee scheduling. It takes into account job descriptions or different roles that a company has, who can take a particular shift, number of working hours for each employee, that was pre-planned, days off, vacations and a lot of other things. It even helps to know how many hours did the employee work if he was assigned some extra shifts. Thus, in short, our web application really helps to organize all the administrative tasks easily.

Furthermore it automatically solves the problem of which employee will take which shift. Sure, you can assign the shift manually, but the automated system can do this instantly and automatically. This depends on the job roles, planned vacations, availability of employees the employees automatically. Moreover, this web application also helps to view the weekly work schedule. So this way the business manager can start adding work shifts depending on the needs for recruitment. It will also help him to know what type of work is assigned to which employee along with the time schedule. But most probably, staffing needs will be similar for each week. You can save a weekly template that the scheduling process is able to leverage from.

Thus, the entire scheduling process becomes easier and helpful for the business manager and the schedule will be available online, whenever you want, or you can print it to post in the shop or email it to the employees.

Do check it out 😉

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