What makes up a good employee schedule template?

A good employee schedule template represents your staffing needs. It should contain details of the shifts that your employees need to fill in, in order for you to run your business without being over nor under staffed. Each shift should contain a start time and an end time – further more it should be marked with a role or job description such as ‘Manager’ or ‘Waiter’ or similarly.

You will want to work with multiple employee schedule templates that should each represent a scenario and be named accordingly. Good names could be ‘Normal week’, ‘Busy week’, ‘Summer’, ‘Easter’ or similar. Each template contain a different set of shifts that need to be assigned to your employees.

To sum up: The right template makes it possible for you to reuse your staffing needs in the form of a template – that way you will get a head start when doing employee scheduling. With the right employee schedule template you can focus on matching your staffing needs with employee availability, agreed number of hours and employee job roles.

Employee schedule templates are a short cut to making good weekly work schedules. This is where BusyBeeManager comes in. By using our employee scheduling software you will be saving yourself a lot of time while keeping your employee happy and your business growing. There is a free trial and no credit card needed for trying it out.

Easy Employee Scheduling with BusyBeeManager

BusyBeeManager is your online software for easy employee scheduling and roster management. We welcome you to try out this new approach to online employee scheduling. As the tagline goes, ‘Employee Scheduling has never been this Easy’. This web application has forever transformed the way managers of small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and even pet service centers maintain work schedules and rosters.

BusyBeeManager helps you streamline the tedious job of putting together the work schedule for your business. Employee scheduling must take into account the staffing needs of your business and the availability of your employees – this often proves more difficult than it sounds. This online employee scheduling tool ensures that your roster is fool-proof, accurate and cost effective. You will love the auto-assign feature that ensures one-click shift allocation and allows you to concentrate on the primary task of doing business.

Easy to use an employee schedule template

BusyBeeManager is easy-to-use and ensures efficiency with error-free employee scheduling and re-usable templates. If you are having a tough time with employee work schedules; meeting the demands of your business and assigning days and hours to each individual staff member because their availability changes; BusyBeeManager is the answer. The user friendly staff scheduling software enables you to auto-assign work to employees based on your staffing needs, their competencies, agreed working hours, and days off.

Online and always updated employee schedules and templates

Employee Scheduling is normally a time consuming task and it can be tricky to balance out when staff are able to work and align this with your staffing needs. With BusyBeeManager the days of fiddling around with pen and paper, or your own Excel-files, to complete the jigsaw are over. Employee scheduling is just a click away and it is easy and fun. One click more and the schedule is emailed to your employees or printed for posting.

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