We made an employee schedule template for you to use in Excel.

It will help you get going but you’ll still be missing out until you try our Employee Scheduling Software…

The right template makes it possible for you to reuse your staffing needs in the form of a template – that way you will get a head start when doing employee scheduling. With the right employee schedule template you can focus on matching your staffing needs with employee availability, agreed number of hours and employee job roles.

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A spreadsheet will help you get started – but rarely finished

We take employee scheduling seriously in BusyBeeManager and realize that everyone may not be ready to use our Employee Scheduling Software – eventhough we unhumbly think that we beat the spreadsheet by many lengths.

Building the Weekly Schedule

Employee schedule templates are a short cut to making good weekly work schedules. This is where BusyBeeManager comes in. By using our employee scheduling software you will be saving yourself a lot of time while keeping your employee happy and your business growing. There is a free trial and no credit card needed for trying it out.