Contingency is the mother of all planning

Scheduling employees can be an extremely stressful task for any manager to handle on any given day. There are so many dynamic factors that can affect the way in which your schedule comes out. Contingency is the mother of all planning. Don’t let your ineffective employee schedule ruin a perfectly wonderful day.

Scheduling a team of hourly based employees, requires efficient and accurate time management. Employees tend to take advantage of a visibly ineffective employee schedule. Claims of missed updates, or lack of communication can lead to your business being understaffed during peak periods.

Effective employee schedules are not just a want, they are a need for smooth operations. They enable accountability on both the employee’s and manager’s side. It is therefore vital that your business invest in a highly functioning, effective and efficient employee scheduler. No more missed shifts due to inaccuracy and misinformation.

Characteristics of effective employee schedulers

These are some of the characteristics of an employee scheduler that is working for your business and not against it:

  • They allow for efficient tracking of crucial information: an effective employee scheduler allows you to track vital information such as capacity at any given time, time sheets, payroll sheets, shift dates and employees on call. They provide a comprehensive overview of your operational data.
  • Allow for effective and accessible channels of communication: no more excuses from employees that they “didn’t receive an update”, effective employee schedulers allow for real time updates that are accessible to both managers and employees.
  • Contingency plan orientated: what happens when someone calls in sick? Or there is an emergency? These factors can result in crucial consequences for business performance. Effective employee schedulers makes it easy to see who can act as back up personnel at any given moment.

Get up to speed with an effective employee scheduler

Don’t let the bandwagon leave your business behind. With so many employee schedulers available out there; you have no excuse for not running a highly functioning and productive ship. Employee scheduling with Busybeemanager is inexpensive and readily available to suite your business specific needs, whilst saving you a lot of money in the process.

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